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Interesting on the me or we attitude. Resulting from … Founded in 1919 as “Canada’s Original Discount Store”, the company announced on May 9, 2020 that it would be closing its five remaining locations in Vancouver, New Westminster, B.C., Langley, B.C., Calgary and Edmonton. ... Jan. 31, 2020. Starbucks says it will be closing up to 200 of its 1,400 stores in Canada over the next two years. Truly, we all need to support all of our retailers where and when we can. GOOD! The value of commercial properties in Canada will in many cases be reduced due to vacancies as well as unpaid rents, all of which will impact owners and shareholders. Good. The global coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the economy is still ongoing. Aldo Shoes: We previously reported that Montreal-based footwear and accessory retailer Aldo had gone into creditor protection and we subsequently learned that more than 40% of its Canadian locations will either not reopen or will shutter over the next while. Some of these brands are connecting directly with customers through apps such as WeChat and are selling out of some product categories that are being coveted by loyal brand fans. Lowe's announced Monday, November 5 that they will be closing 51 stores in the United States and Canada.. I recently took my daughter to the mall for the first time since Covid and we wore our masks and abided by all safety measures as did the stores and malls and we had a great experience and than all the staff for what they are doing to keep everyone safe. The David’s Tea concept stores opened quickly over the past five years and the cost of real estate proved to be a challenge. Adding to that are property taxes, insurance, and other expenses. Now located in Toronto, Craig is a retail analyst and consultant at the Retail Council of Canada. One of the last great vestiges of retail in Canada is set to close. The home improvement store said in a press release the locations are underperforming. People have the right to order online or home delivery so as long as they put a mask on when they make a trip to the post office and open the door to delivery folks who put their health at risk. Hudson’s Bay, which is nearly out of Winnipeg’s core, is closing its anchor store in Edmonton’s downtown, which has been operating since before Canada was a country. Correction: This list was last updated at 11.00 am on November 15 2020 to change the number of store closures so far in 2020 to 14,464 stores. Do you think businesses intentionally put up hoops for the sake of driving their own business away for fun? Ignore the internet trolls and their anti mask message. The closures, which are set for early next year, include 26 Ronalocations, six Lowe’s locations and two Reno-Depots… Scholar’s Choice: London Ontario-based kid’s education retailer Scholar’s Choice announced a significant restructuring this week. If the trend continues, the future of some commercial areas could be in question, even popular areas such as Toronto’s Danforth and Beach areas for example. Victoria’s Secret operates massive flagship stores in downtown Vancouver and Montreal as well as stores in malls across the country. A blood pressure machine at the Columbia, Pennsylvania Kmart, as seen on June 23, 2020, has a "Do ...[+] Not Liquidate" sign posted on its screen. Your Favourite '90s Clothing Store Is Closing. You won’t wear a mask maybe you will get sick and see that because you didn’t wear a mask you are on a ventilator germs are everywhere whylet your germs infect others while others wear a mask to protect you?just common courtesy. Ben Sherman: The UK-based men’s clothing brand Ben Sherman is closing two of its stores in the Toronto area, including a unit on Queen Street as well as at Vaughan Mills. There are other examples not included above that we have reported on since March of this year. Macy's - After losing Boston Store I'm a little worried to hear Macy's is closing some locations. He's also the Director of Applied Research at the University of Alberta School of Retailing in Edmonton. David’s Tea: Montreal-based David’s Tea filed for bankruptcy protection on Wednesday. Sir, How will this impact REIT. Other large retailers are making major staffing cuts. A little harsh, coming from a professional person such as yourself…. The Children's Place announced on June 11, 2020 that 300 stores across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico would be closing in the following months. Toronto based Henry’s Cameras (Cranbrook Glen Enterprises) announced that it would be seeking protection from creditors as it filed a Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. ... 2020 1:05 pm EST. The seven Microsoft Canadian stores are all in high-profile malls including CF Chinook Centre in Calgary, West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Metropolis at Metrotown in suburban Vancouver, CF Pacific Centre in Vancouver, Square One in Mississauga, CF Toronto Eaton Centre in Toronto, and the Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto. Please don’t be ignorant and selfish, Lets all work together so we can get through this very difficult time. Lole’s filings indicated that the company has about $47 million in debt. The store's nostalgic 90s-themed pop-up shops — which were supposed to run until April 2020 — will also close. One well-known broker in Toronto explained that many retailers are now seeking percentage rent lease deals, while some landlords are insisting on terms in executed leases which includes enumerated rents due. Me I won’t regardless of how my actions impact other and we is showing human compassion to all. I have to admit through observation, there are people who are not able to support physical stores for other valid reasons. Many other international retailers are struggling and are in the process of restructuring or filing for bankruptcy protection, which will result in even more store closures in Canada in the months to come. Some fashion retailers have been hit particularly hard given the purchase and delivery cycle. Montreal-based Ivanhoé Cambridge laid off 60 employees last month including COO Roman Drohomirecki. The store has occupied “Canada’s best retail corner” since 1999 and its vacancy will leave a hole in the ‘Mink Mile’. On opening day an estimated 50,000 people visited the exciting new retail operation and restaurant. I hope retailers can find a way to turn the tide in the second half of 2020. I hope business picks up for the retail stores, after all they employ many Canadians and provide them with a living. Many retail stores in particular have been hit hard by the downturn. The company’s restructuring will allow Scholar’s Choice to remain a going concern with a strong online sales focus. This is extremely unfortunate. Ann Taylor, Loft and Justice: The parent company of these brands, New Jersey-based Ascena Retail Group Inc., announced on July 24 that it will close all of its clothing stores in Canada. The fast-fashion giant filed for bankruptcy in September of 2019 and immediately began plans for closing down at least… The company has 124 stores in Canada. Bath & Body Works is just one of the many businesses facing store closures in 2020. (HBC Winnipeg archives). It’s the end of an era for the fashion company with 169 stores and an expansive wholesale arm founded by designer Peter Nygard who’s empire has gone down amid allegations of sexual misconduct. He is also President & CEO of Vancouver-based Retail Insider Media Ltd. The store began a closing … Over the past several weeks numerous national retail chains have filed for bankruptcy protection and some have either already closed stores or are in the process of doing so. Foodservice businesses such as restaurants will also add substantial vacancies to commercial properties in Canada. Some of the 40 stores – which are located in 19 states and Washington, D.C. – have already closed or will close in the first half of 2020, company spokeswoman Jessica Joyce said, … To all you Anti-maskers, pick a "REAL" cause to support with you energy. The equally huge former downtown Eaton’s store, another retail giant which once controlled 60 per cent of retail in Canada was demolished in 2003 after the chain declared bankruptcy in 1999 and assets bought by giant competitor Sears. In January 2020, Retail Insider also reported the once-popular jeweller Links Of London was planning on closing all five of its Canadian stores in the coming year. In March 2019, Gap said it will be shuttering … The huge Hudson's Bay department store has been a landmark fixture in downtown Winnipeg for over 90 years, but it will soon be closed and its future in doubt, another victim of changing consumer habits and of COVID ( Trevor Brine-CBC), By Marc Montgomery | Gap. Vancouver-based RYU Apparel has shut its mall-based stores in suburban Toronto and Vancouver as well as a unit near Robson Street, and we’re awaiting future details on the company. It offered  space to the University of Winnipeg for classrooms, but the university estimated the cost to do so would be prohibitive. When I’m out right now my local malls seem to be fairly busy. Number of store closings: 200 between fiscal 2015 and 2017. During this closure, store associates will be paid for all scheduled shifts. Bath & Body Works. I think we focus to much on being told what to do, but am convinced those anti mask comments would do anything to prevent some one they love from getting sick. Victoria’s Secret, which is also owned by L Brands, recently announced plans to … Jan. 31, 2020. You know things aren't looking good when your boss says half of his site visits makes him touchy. Today in, coronavirus sucks.Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. the parent company that owns Buybuy Baby, World Market, and Harmon Face Values, but most popularly, Bed Bath & Beyond, have announced that they will be closing approximately 200 stores across both the United States and Canada over the next two years. I’m old enough to remember when this happened to the retail industry in the 90’s. The following 63 stores are slated to close by the end of 2020. Miniso: Chineses variety retailer Miniso, which positions itself as a Japanese brand, has been closing some stores across Canada. Ascena Retail Group filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July and … Inside in 1926, it was not just a store for shopping, but an ‘experience’ with music and food, and beauty salons, post office, and library. While the majority of the 310 units will remain open according to filings, Comark is still expected to close at least 100 store locations in Canada in the coming weeks and months. A French language report in La Presse indicated that ‘if the price is right’, Ivanhoé Cambridge could still divest some properties including its recently overhauled Montreal Eaton Centre. The list of store closings … Quebec City-based La Maison Simons, which lost Canada Goose as a vendor last year, has removed designer apparel from its stores for the time being. Chico’s has announced that it will be closing up to 250 stores in 2020. A total of 13 of the retailer’s 16 stores will close permanently. The Bay is also closing its large Edmonton store and is said to be looking for buyers for its landmark downtown Montreal store as is the downtown Vancouver operation. Ascena Retail Group: 1,100 stores. Stock up on Perfect Peony body splash now: Bath & Body Works&apos parent company, L Brands, announced in May 2020 that 50 locations in the United States, as well as one store in Canada, will close in 2020. Just look at our neighbour the USA and how many cases of Covid are there because people buy into these absurd conspiracy theories and don’t wear masks. That includes closing nine stores in Ontario, three in Alberta and one in Nova Scotia. Long Tall Sally: The women’s fashion and footwear retailer’s international business is winding down and with it, all Canadian stores have shuttered. Trouble ensued as we reported last year amid claims of fraud, and the problems have continued since then.Many franchised Miniso locations were … COVID-19 was the reset button that retailers needed. 2020 was already set to be a tough year for many retail stores before the pandemic, as 2019 saw a record number of permanent store closures.Even as retail stores shift to online and curbside pickup, 2020 is on pace to break that record for store closing. Some independent retailers are reconsidering their operations altogether, recognizing that demand for some retail categories are expected to be less in the fall of 2020. Great article! I encourage you to stay home indefinitely if that’s the case. Henry’s announced that it would be closing 7 stores as a result. Due to distancing requirements and constant sanitation needs, many stores limit maximum customer capacity resulting line ups. This long list of stores closing in 2020 includes the ever-growing number of retailers that have filed for bankruptcy, closed locations, or both. Isaia will replace Pink Tartan in a unique retail space that will become a gathering place for fans of the brand. A source familiar with the proceedings told Retail Insider that all 10 Vero Moda stores will close in Canada as well as 13 of the 51 Jack & Jones locations. Keep requiring masks, keep seeing bankruptcies. I never understand how so many of these stores were going to survive in a good economy, let alone during this crisis. Here are the stores Lowe’s is closing in Canada in the new year Click to return to homepage. He has studied the Canadian retail landscape for the past 25 years and he holds Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws Degrees. Macy’s is also closing down some of its stores, saying that 30 locations will shutdown over … It also had a post office, beauty parlour, public telephones, a library, and for a while, an auditorium with its own orchestra. Jan. 31, 2020. As a person who had a decade of retail experience from the mod 90s to early 2000s and have been working directly in healthcare since, I could not stress the importance of PPE to everyone including customers and retail staff. The Lowe’s in Shawnessy, which employs 118 people, and the Rona in Midnapore, which employs 35, are scheduled to shut their doors Jan. 31, 2020, along with 32 … After filing … A Winnipeg landmark occupying an entire block with 675,000 square feet of retail space or over 15 acres,  it once employed thousands of people.  However, now down to only 60 employees, in recent years as sales slowed it began closing floors and the basement, and now only two floors remain open. The company wasn’t paying rent on its stores for months during the COVID-19 shutdowns and sources are saying that several more Canadian units will be shuttering under the Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy banners. Credit insurance on deliveries is said to be an issue and all stock from brands such as Balmain have been moved online for the time being. The pandemic puts a speed to things, but that’s no different than if another world war breaks out or if a global natural disaster to hit. Wear a mask and keep everyone safe! A total of 124 of the company’s 210 North American stores will close for good, including 82 units in Canada and all 42 stores in the US. The list of store closures include independent retailers as well as medium and larger chains which have either filed for bankruptcy protection or are simply shutting stores amid financial turmoil. That will result in substantial vacancies for CRUs in the 1,000-2,000-square-foot range. Canadian furniture chain Leon's will temporarily close 72 of its 205 stores across Canada and lay off 3,900 workers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some landlords have chosen not to participate in government rent relief funding and despite offers to defer rents, the debts incurred by small businesses are in some cases proving to be insurmountable. Ever hear of reciprocity, if not…GOOGLE it! Macy’s. The future of GNC is uncertain and more units could close in the coming months. International retailers with stores in Canada are also filing for bankruptcy protection and are looking to close stores in Canada. All of the store closures will have an impact on landlords who will have to find tenants to replace them, or reconsider the real estate portfolio altogether. Several People’s Jewellers locations are said to have closed permanently and the future of the Moore’s menswear chain is in question as US parent company Tailored Brands struggles.

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