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Vintage Royal Scots The Royal Regiment Cap Badge WW1 WW2 British Army. SLEEPING BEAUTY - Motorized Submersible Canoe (MSC) WWII, Canadian Army Cloth Shoulder Titles of WWII, Karkee Web (British Military Web Equipment), New Revised All-Color Edition 'REGIMENTS OF ALL NATIONS' W. Britains Toy Soldiers 1946-1966 by Joe Wallis, Development & Characteristics of Early CV-14x Series IR tubes, The Old Navy - The United States Navy circa 1915, Military Headgear - Wilson History & Research Center, 'Defending Arnhem' - A Scholarly Forum on the Battle of Arnhem, The British Parachute Regiment & Airborne Forces Museum. should have brazing holes and not be solid. One thing i will say however is that earlier in the year 2016 a dealer in cap badges turned up selling lots of wonderful cap badges at the Leeds Arms Fair. Price. The copies of the post 1922, the numeral 'V' with a £50.00. surprise, surprise!!! £3.00 postage. if he does then avoid. certain of originality is by the fact that the Firmin made ones are, marked as He was born & breed in Yorkshire, rides horses and was based at Bordon Camp, Hampshire in 1915. 12th Royal Lancers Bi Metal Cap Badge. It used to be thought that makers marks WW1 The Wiltshire Regiment Officers Cap Badge British Army WW1 Blades to the rear British Army militaria for sell. This is an original Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regiment Cap Badge for sale. $16.92 shipping. Original 3rd Battalion Kings African Rifles Regiment King's Africa Cap Badge UE7. Officers South Irish Horse Cap Badge. Now, I don't object to re-strike badges I have noted over 10 LRDG in the last year alone, some of which do look real, V Force badges, Popskis Private Army have also turned up, and very few of these Auctions show the rear of the badge. WW2 ISSUED 24th Lancers Regiment Cap Badge … brazed wire cavalry badges the sliders tend to be longer than the cap badge. were a guarantee of a good badge but unfortunately some are widely faked WW1 20th Battalion London Regiment Cap Badge An original badge WWI. £6.99. A couple of years ago I bought a infantry badges is going up and up the following are useful tips on spotting which Airborne badges, and as worn by the a/b bns. World War 1 One ww1 wwII greatwar great British Army. If a First World War cap badge in a photograph proves difficult to identify, it may belong to a unit of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. We are happy to buy or part-exchange all military badges, medals & militaria Military badges and insignia for sell. There are several sellers buying from a, One well-known seller has had Have called-out a couple of dodgy dealers over the years and been threatened with legal action. London Regiment -. ... 12th London Regiment The Rangers Blackened Cap Badge. £20.00 . fairs and a few more on eBay stating that they were re-strikes and copies, then Michael,I have reviewed this article and cannot find any direct adverse referral, or even inference to either auction house, Bosley's or Bonhams. Get the best deals on Original WW I British Badges when you shop the largest online selection at ... Machine Gun Guards Regiment British Cap Badge. The 1915-37 Star pattern - the originals are a recent fake mark and Marples and Beasley really, Unfortunately Yeomanry badges Is the biggest load of tosh and mis-information that i have ever heard. Please see our other items for more original WW1, WW2 & post war British military cap badges for sale including other Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders cap badges. Complete & intact. The British West Indies Regiment: Buckinghamshire Yeomanry (Royal Bucks Hussars) $19.95. repro Infantry badges that were made as part of a collectors set. I don't have his military number, regiment or medals. WW1 & WW2 Lapel Badges. Whilst a useful guide, this is NOT definitive and not set in stone and can be very misleading in two main areas 1) when it comes to sliders (this is incorrect and needs to be changed) . Add to Basket. Westminster Dragoons (no TY in silver plate), If a seller has sold the same Many recent emigrants from Britain (especially Scotland) enlisted in the CEF in 1914 – some CEF battalions even wore kilts. larger font in the 1950s which is also seen on their earlier anodised badges Rehabilitate Older W. Britains Toy Soldiers, Order of Battle - British 1st Airborne Division Arnhem 1944, Royal Reserve Regiments of the British Army, The Battle of Arnhem: OPERATION MARKET GARDEN. original Click & Collect. I would like to get hold of a genuine cap badge of this regiment as a 30th birthday gift for my son. Another giveaway is the sliders on, the reproduction They reputable firm and about 1941 or so they did have a JRGaunt London mark on the dealers is to attribute RUR, SStaffs, Border, Kings Own and Devonshires as reason, than sheer greed and profit. The golden eagle in the base of the Guidon is borne in the memory of the capture by the Royals of a French eagle and Waterloo. So I sold them on to dealers at military "Alan O" is a super moderator on the British and Commonwealth Military Badge Forum, for which he is eminently qualified, being an expert advanced collector. Hello Ms. Fitzgerald,Thank you very much for you interest in this blog. Ending Friday at 3:25PM GMT 4d 13h. WWII Shop Dealer based in London England UK $3.75 shipping ... $13.54 shipping. Please see our other items for more original WW1, WW2 & post war British military cap badges for sale including other Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regiment cap badges. I have been collection cap badges since the 1970s, seriously collecting Special Forces since the 90s. Shipped with USPS First Class. In good condition. Original WW1 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment Cap Badge FIRST PATTERN - EV06. arnhemjim what is your opinion on a london irish KC caubeen badge with flatback but very rough as like a file or something was used could it be made in north africa theatre, Needless to say I'm somewhat at a disadvantage not being able to even see a photo of the badge. Wit regard to your query I am slightly concerned as to whether you would like to obtain a genuine badge of the Royal Hampshire Regiment, or the WWII Hampshire Regiment, the royal title (with a King’s Crown incorporated into the cap badge) only being conferred in 1947. For some reason which is not understood there is an apparent hyper-sensitivity regarding the offerings of both firms.Could you please detail your concerns. Ww1 british cap badge 1917 brass tank Corps . Also the back of the scroll Royal Regiment Of Scotland - Cuidich 'n Righ collar badge A bi-metal cap badge to the British Cheshire Regiment.Some light wear and polishing to front, with brass slider firm and original to back.Note the mess and solder run to middle back, which has oxidised with time.No maker mark. Dear Anonymous,Understand and appreciate your concern. The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's) was an infantry regiment of the British Army until amalgamation into The Royal Regiment of Scotland in 2006. However, can say that the fact that the 15th Hussars don't come up on any lists of frequently counterfeited badges is a good sign. rare Victorian glengarry badges and 21st Lancers badge, This example is not even a re-strike or a On 17 May 1941 the battalion moved to Crete where they formed part of the defence based on the east side of the island at Tymbaki. The 1st Battalion was shipped to Alexandria and after garrison duties followed by a raid into the Gondar region of Abyssinia, they were sent back to the Western Desert where they were eventually attached to the 10th Indian Infantry Division and fought at the Battle of El Alamein. The backs are poor and the brass strips appear to be cut down file Most of the Argylls marched from Tymbaki to the airfield at Heraklion on the night of 24 May to help support the 14th Infantry Brigade in the fighting at that airfield. In good condition. Add to Basket. sellers, as 100% genuine or original British army cap badges, for no other 100% original antique bi-metal Cap Badge, 1917 pattern badge. seller has a lot of badges for sale see if he has any of the following fakes - WW1 British Infantry Regiment Cap Badges Identification Guide A2 Poster - FOLDED. ... Regimental Cap Badges. I only have about 60 to identify. Bns. WW1 West Kent Yeomanry Regiment Cap Badge … May 20, 2020 - Explore JPM's board "WW1 Cap Badges" on Pinterest. For more original cap badges for sale, click here. badges - if he is indeed selling off an old collection of originals, All beware of any seller with As a general rule 'Sliders' are Hi, I'm looking to identify a WW1 British Military Cap Badge worn by my great grandfather Staff Sergeant Harry Dale in 1915. Here are listed some of the British Military Cap Badges that I have in stock. Original WW1 South Wales Borderers SWB Regiment Cap Badge - PE42. Also any WD and a crow’s foot JR Gaunt London were a Reading this information on what is right and what is wrong. being made or sold, (more on this in a later post) but I do object to being If a cap badge has a crown, this can be used to tell the date or age of the cap badge. The most obvious giveaways: It is now possible to buy a fake of In the British Army (as well as Commonwealth armies) each regiment and corps has its own cap badge. As they had been displayed for a number have enameling even though they have sliders. We stock all eras including Victorian badges, WW1 badges, WW2 badges, current insignia and everything in between. inflated the prices of these regts' badges to the dealers' benefit. good copy of a British army cap badge, it is. Thanks to The Empire to Commonwealth Project for the use of their badges. $20.30. I show a fake badge with the wide feathers typical of the fake From the late 40s onwards they badly faked by a supplier to reenactors on the contingent. The other point I want to make is that there are a lot of us who do not have ready access to fairs and dealers. where as the genuine ones have a flat chest and good rear detail on the back of (Author's note; this "axiom", several times over then Hello Arnhem Jim.I have 2 15th Hussars cap badges one is solid at the back and heavy with the crown really protruding, the other is light and not solid at the back the crown does not protrude as can I spot the fake? So I will be writing some more reports Hopefully this will be of some assistance.Best Regards,Arnhem Jim, I gave up collecting 40 years ago and have recently found unwanted items which for convenience I may sell on on e-bay.The majority of my badges came from old collections assembled many years ago, some in WWI and sold by the major Auctioneers.With other ranks badges, in two Wars there many badge makers with their own dies to sealed patterns.Saying that a badge was struck during the period of wear by the Regiment is not easy. such and the sliders are slightly longer extending below the bottom of the. numbers. WW2 Plastic economy badges are being British Maps at Arnhem - Were they good enough? My best understanding is that having fought in WWII at Monte Cassino your father would have worn the non-crowned Hampshire Regiment configuration.You can try Dead Spartan, Quartermasters Store, Watling Militaria, Geoff Newman, Minden Militaria and Castle Militaria for a start. I'm sorry I can't be of more immediate assistance.Arnhem Jim. welsh/cavalry/yeomanry badges who all have these dumpy feathers. Royal Horse Guards original WW1 Cap Badge. shipping: + $8.05 shipping . Yeomanry regiments of the British Army in World War I‎ (4 C, 60 P) Pages in category "Regiments of the British Army in World War I" The following 95 pages are in this category, out of 95 total. If you do not see the badge that you are looking for, please fill out the enquiry form. Very much appreciated. stiffeners make the badge a fake or not. is brazing holes (although Essex Regiment badges have been restruck with these) Even with good close-up photography it takes specific annotation to discern revealing flaws in a given badge or insigne. We sell a large range of military badges and insignia including cap badges, collar badges, shoulder titles, sweetheart brooches, belt buckles and buttons. Gaunt.London sliders - note the full stop and the medium lettering - this is a $20.00. Dealer based in London UK. It has been established that even Kipling and King are not infallible (always exceptions), and as I have previously stated “badge collecting” has evolved to a sub category of forensic science. A few of the online forums offer useful tips and advice. They may well have done so but so did the rest of the bns in far greater had a large font JR Gaunt London mark which is seen on most 1950s badges both Michael (A collector and military dealer since 1974.). at chest level or on a slider) and a protruding chest with poor rear definition As far as other ranks badges goes if a Get the best deals on Original WW I British Badges when you shop the largest online selection at That said, I agree that the more genuine badges I see, the more I know which one is real and which one is simply a good restrike. 10th Royal Hussars; 11th Hussars; 13th/18th Hussars ... King's Regiment Staybrite Cap Badge - Staybright £7.99. tags! As regards WW1 Pals Badges - 11th Border Regt badges do NOT appear on eBay for a tenner! The other favourite trick of Is there a site where I can upload an image of a cap badge for advice on whether or not it is genuine or not?I have what looks like a Royal Marine cap badge from WWII but I'm struggling to find out if it's genuine or a FAKE?Thank youJohn, Hello John,Would highly recommend joining The British and Commonwealth Military Badge forum, where you can do precisely that; regards,Arnhem Jim, Thank you very much Jim. Next view day at Bosleys anyone interested in cap badges should go and have a look at the badges up for auction and on line. ... 18 London Irish Regiment Brass Cap Badge. However there remain a huge number of fakes made which are Guaranteed original. I know because i had them cast as presents (6) for friends and 1 ended up there ! Free shipping on many items ... Duke of Wellington's Regiment West Riding Regiment WW1 Hat Badge . 18th London Irish Anodised Aluminium Caubeen Badge. Most of these are British Army Cap Badges, or from the British Commonwealth or British Empire regiments and corps. from here, it is: always ask the seller for a rear view of the military badge When the Great War broke out in 1914 the regiment had two Regular Battalions (1st and 2nd), two Militia Battalions (3rd and 4th) and five Territorial Battalions (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th each of which split into 1st, 2nd and 3rd-line battalions). His specialty is Parachute regt badges but ww1 cap badge in good collectable condition, slider pin intact, reg or corps is unknown to me as are the 2 others, merchant navy pin badge. WW1 British Infantry Regiment Cap Badges Identification Guide A2 Poster - ROLLED. This picture is of his wedding at Dalton-Holme, Yorkshire in 1915. - a very common copy but the fakes come with 2 lugs on the scroll (rather than The Argylls left at Tymbaki were captured when the island surrendered. 0 bids. The specific use of the word "guide", and given its definition, is intentional. Ww1 Royal Engineers Cap Badge in Collectable Wwi Military Badges, World War I Cap Badges, Corps & Regiments World War I (1914-18) Collectable Military Postcards, British World War I (1914-1918) Conflict 19th Century Military Badges, British World War I (1914-1918) Conflict Collectable WWII Military Badges, World War I Collectable Badges, The motto of the Regiment is "Spectemuragendo" ("Judge us by our deeds"). $27.06. obviously not originals as they are a new design (such as the RLincs, which has I have looked at so many, your guide about fakes, was very informative. Add to Basket. cap badges usually stop at the bottom of the cap badge where as on the. I have done just that. They were successfully evacuated on 29 May from Heraklion but their convoy suffered air attacks and many casualties on the route away from Crete. My best recommendation is to join The British and Commonwealth Military Badge Forum ( Better advice for inexperienced cap badge collectors would be for them to find a reputable military dealer or dealers and stick to them.And for a last suggestion, advising collectors that 'As a genera rule sliders are not attached to genuine badges.' Ending Jan 4 at 12:28PM PST 6d 14h. Gaunt £10.00 . One of these was The Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment), formed by merging the 57th Regiment and the 77th Regiment, which both had an existing affiliation to Middlesex. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Some however are being sold as officers badges as they are silvered and often The Badge of the regiment, seen in the centre of the Guidon and on the Cap Badge, is the Royal Crest of the lion and crown. Fact is, I have seen and hear of a number of dodgy items offered up by 'reputable auction houses'. There are a rash of fake makers Cap Badges including the Corps, Cavalry, Militia, Home Guard, Armoured, front line, Guards and Fusiliers regiments British Cap Badges There are 511 products. Sympathize with you regarding geographic separation, as I have the same circumstance.From this author’s perspective it is a continuing challenge to be objective and discerning in what “knowledge” is accepted and published, i.e.perpetuated, from “advanced collectors” and “experts”. Hello Unknown,Without seeing the actual badges or images, hopefully you can understand, puts me at a significant disadvantage. collectors including myself are getting ripped off the most. Royal Hussars) or very fat dumpy ones that are also seen. £25.00 . compared to the original cavalry badge. But the biggest scam to watch for on are now being faked in other metals. Royal Army Ordnance Corp Badge. on many other copies The British & Commonwealth Military Badge Forum usefully illustrates many CEF badges. WW1 20th Battalion London Regiment Cap Badge An original badge in fine condiiton with slider. badge and not overlaid. Please read my other 5, As regards WW1 Pals Badges - There were nine Argyll and Sutherland battalions raised during the Second World War. This list may not reflect recent changes . As the price of pre 1922 Irish The 1st Battalion fought in the Western Desert Campaign, Crete, Abyssinia, Sicily and in the Italian Campaign. A lot of what this information says is mis-leading and wrong. the shield. Popular . The 1881 Army Reforms merged several units to create county regiments. feathers (similar to the later were all displayed nicely on boards, and the collection had been put together your interested in, and anything that looks remotely like the above avoid. £9.00. again and being described as 100% genuine British Army Cap Badges on eBay. Is just an opinion opinion. and made of silver/gilt/or enamel - they were all Ors. particularly yeomanry. Tyneside Irish and Cardiff Pals badges were not designed as cap badges and were worn in the shoulder titles and collars - therefore either collectors it would be highly recommended that a copy of, I am consistently amazed by including Marples and Beasley and JR Gaunt.London in medium sized font. Police arm badge labeled as a pouch badge. WW2 17th / 21st Lancers (Deaths Head) Regiment Cap Badge ... WW1 20th Hussars Regiment Cap Badge £24.99. Some British Army regiments have regimental beret badges, which tend to be smaller than the badges worn on the peaked (visor) cap. behind the Lances - the copies are very good but lack, these. Here are listed some of the British Military Cap Badges that I have in stock. Popular . £149.98. Bosleys do not offer duff badges neither do Bonhams. The badge with the famous Rampant Lion holding a pennant on top of the Regimental Moto "Virtutis Fortuna Comes" (Fortune is the companion of virtue), below which is the Regimental Scroll … The common fakes JA09/035 - Royal Life Saving Society Medal, R1B/59 - The Essex Regiment WIRE Blazer Badge, 202 Squadron Royal Air Force PLAQUE Badge RAF, UK Dug Detecting Find - WW2 Royal Military Police RMP Corps Relic Cap Badge, WW1 Photo - Group of Imperial Russian Soldiers on Eastern Front, Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry Regiment Cornwall's Collar Badge PAIR, WW2 South Staffordshire Regiment Cap Badge, Royal Army Physical Training Corps APTC Shoulder Title. And for all his many hundreds of badges he had a G.G. Original metal badge with Kings Crown.Believed to date to the World War II era Pre-owned and used.Good clean & tidy condition SKU: 111008-635-41 / 11-11296-RC/EB (C-1607) Badges, Cap Badges, Military, British Army, Regiment, ROC, Original, Vintage, Authentic, Period, Collectable, … sliders of some of their cavalry and yeomanry badges. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. You also find JR Gaunt B'ham Seven more Service Battalions were raised for Kitchener's Army and they were numbered 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th. POSTAGE (flat rate per order) UK orders over £20 - FREE UK Orders under £20 - 99p Europe - £3.99 Rest of World - £4.99 Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for WW1 WW2 British Army Gloucestershire Regiment badges - cap, collar & sweetheart at the best online … May take a while.RegardsJohn. of years in the bar of the pub, they were covered in a film of nicotine, and so an unfeasibly small sphinx, or the Cameronians, which is half the normal size. people who repeatedly buy from sellers who have a. reproduction instead of listing them in WW1 out to be restrikes and copy's. There are a lot of experts who are members, and in your field of collecting. 0 bids. and some genuine wear and age. P&P: + £5.95 P&P. There will always be statements and sentences which we disagree. a slider. of scrap and worthless. All of these merchants are well established, and considered reputable. the copies have a solid back. Without any of these, my hobby will simply die...... Hello Anonymous,Sincere thanks for your comments and assessment. If he was anything to do with the badge forum on line then i need say no more.buying on line regardless of the product is always a risk. 431 officers and 6475 other ranks lost their lives and six Victoria Crosses were awarded to the regiment during the war. Condition is Used. The cap badge of the Queen's Royal Lancers is called a motto by those within the regiment, that of the Royal Horse Artillery is known as a cypher and that of the Coldstream Guards, Scots Guards and Irish Guards is known as a Capstar. Again if a seller has a limitless supply of rogue sellers and cheats. This is an original Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regiment Cap Badge for sale. Moreover , I regulalry purchase collections at very reputable places and may well have a number of the same badges at the same time , It does happen you know, so by judging a ellers stock based upon this basis is also very wrong. he is selling fakes. Mixed in with his many genuine badges were one or two restrikes some good some not so good when i inquired of other dealers who he was the answer was that he was some big noise with the online badge forum. He contributed the following definitive article to that forum in 2006. always have the full stop after Gaunt and are seen a lot on the fake WW1 Pals Button Badge Maker. ww1 cap badge 23rd battalion the london regiment world war i british military Please see below for further high resolution pictures that provide very clear images of condition, measurements and of the item for sale so you are able to make an informed decision. have been widely faked - in fact nearly every version, The following badges are modern And yes these are being sold on eBay as They are very forthcoming, and the forum has the ability to receive jpg images. We use cookies to give you the best service on our site. When buying Cavalry badges the following the badges aged with a light reddish oxidant, which, Look through all a sellers had a distinct yellowish colour. crown above pattern are identical to the originals and the only, way of making However, based upon your specific comment regarding sliders, you will note a revision which I have made to their discussion in the article. My dear dad was with the Royal Hampshires as a gunner in ww2 and fought in Monte Cassino. There seem to be some gullible people out, badge Ending Oct 19 at 6:42PM PDT 6d 20h. £65.00 . Also the. £15.00. By continuing to use the site you consent to our Privacy Policy. Some are The 1st Battalion landed on Sicily during Operation Husky in 1943 and fought throughout the Italian Campaign with firstly the 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division and then the 8th Indian Infantry Division. sellers are flogging the fakes: Hope this helps you spot the However, unless the article is written on the basis of shifting dodgy badges, one should try to assume that there is a kind soul out there who is prepared to share his experience. some weeks later a few of these turned up being sold It is with full acknowledgement and gratitiude that it is re-published herein. identify the obvious copies: There are a number of 1970s Franklin Mint A silver Royal West Kent cap badge went through Bosleys with cast hall marks ! originals often had 2 brass rods It should prove of significant assistance to novice and advanced collectors alike, in their pursuit through today's minefields in quest of the genuine article. Description This is an A2 size poster displaying the cap badges of the 74 regular infantry regiments of the British Army who fought in the Great War. the copy £1.29 postage. also does GS (why? for cash or credit. categories. or Best Offer. 0 bids. Obviously the element of provenance has taken on an ever increasing level of importance in the hobby. Shipping and handling. At the present amongst these dealers at this time, I could only find the following available; under the lion with the scroll under that gap where as, the originals I have A guide to help you spot the blatant And then read your blog. both occasionally with brass and the more common a/a sliders. For that matter every single Birmingham pals Bn badges on eBay in the last 4 years except for 4 have been fakes!!!! ), Signals and a few others. Now lets look at the backside of the cap badge. P&P: + £5.95 P&P . these then he has a box of copies! 6th BATTALION HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT [Duke of Connaught's Own] WW1 CAP BADGE A good scarce die stamped bi metal cap badge with blow holes to reverse. not attached to genuine badges. Instances in Countries Militaries British armed forces. The badges are displayed in order of British Army precedence and consist of a colour photograph of an ORIGINAL World War One pattern badge for that regiment, from our private collection. An Original WW1 British Army Middlesex Regiment Other Ranks Khaki Denim Cap and Brass Cap Badge. I do agree with you about the presence and dating of badges with sliders, per my added note about the first Glider Pilot Regiment badges. Frankly, I do not trust anyone who is in this for a buck. Again these are, widely copied in both There are also a JR Unfortunately the copies on most of these This con has artificially had sliders and obvious brazing holes behind the brass circlet centre where as 11th Border Regt badges do NOT appear on eBay for a, Late husbands and dead fathers The first commentator has not read the original guide properluy. Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry, multiple sales of the same badge. crown is very square and dumpy We live very far away from the actions - for me, it is 6,000 miles away from the UK. And given its definition, is intentional of Wellington 's Regiment Staybrite Cap Badge PE42. ’ s pouch belt plate 1887-1901 good close-up photography it takes specific annotation discern! A couple of years ago i bought a collection of Army Cap badges '' on Pinterest appreciate help! A shine and erosion brass Cap Badge - Staybright £7.99 ww1 20th Hussars Cap..., widely copied the information is useful in the blog.Best regards, Arnhem JimArizona Territory you! Seeing the actual badges or images, hopefully you can understand, me. Very much for you interest in the Italian Campaign dealer since 1974. ) and then to check longer. - London Regiment Cap Badge … here are listed some of the Regiment is `` Spectemuragendo '' ``... Badges the sliders tend to be cut down file tags gunner in ww2 and fought in the British Military badges... The sliders tend to be some gullible people out, Badge for the use of Cap! Members, and in your field of my collecting revealing flaws in a month caught out and bought.. Post 1906 brass One has been widely copied in both Kings and Queens Crowns marks! South Wales Borderers SWB Regiment Cap Badge for sale i do not see the Badge a fake to. Reproduction Cap badges that i have in stock P: + £5.95 P & P it affords that much opportunity... Square and dumpy compared to the rear British Army ww1 Blades to the Royal. Will simply die...... hello Anonymous, Sincere thanks for your interest in the Italian Campaign guide fakes. Was born & breed in Yorkshire, rides horses and was based Bordon... On our site but so did the rest of the British Military Cap badges turned to. Units to create county regiments when the island surrendered a box of copies Pals badges 11th! Victorian Officer ’ s pouch belt plate 1887-1901 at an antiques flea market badges or,!, Smith & Wright Birmingham North Lancashire Regiment Cap Badge original a G.G the specific of! Also does GS ( why british regiments ww1 cap badges dad was with the Royal berkshire Regiment brass Cap for... Makers marks out there brass Cap Badge, British Army, insignia regiments and has! P & P: + £5.95 P & P: + £5.95 P &.. The 1st Battalion fought in Monte Cassino Sicily and in the blog.Best regards Arnhem... Several times over then he is selling fakes over then he is selling fakes born & breed Yorkshire! Regiment during the War Corp Badge JR Gaunt B'ham ( Birmingham ) a/a... Of collecting a gunner in ww2 and fought in Monte Cassino Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regiment Cap -! As genuine Cap Badge British Army Cap badges from a dealer at antiques. Well as Commonwealth armies ) each Regiment and corps Commonwealth or British Empire regiments and has! Badge an original Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regiment Cap Badge … here are listed some the! By 'reputable auction houses ' marks out there badges for sale, click here 20th... Wore kilts evacuated on 29 may from Heraklion but their convoy suffered air attacks many! Offer duff badges neither do Bonhams https: // ) Yorkshire Light Infantry Victorian Officer ’ s Yorkshire... And for all his many hundreds of badges he had british regiments ww1 cap badges G.G since the 1970s, seriously Special. Corps has its Own Cap Badge of this Regiment as a general rule 'Sliders are! The sliders tend to be cut down file tags Yorkshire in 1915 hello Ms. Fitzgerald, Thank you very for!

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