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I purchased it for vermin control and would recommend it for anyone who is a serious vermin hunter. SMK supplies highly-popular air rifles designed to offer “brilliant customer value” with realistic pricing. This air gun is suitable for all round target shooting as well as vermin control. 3 3 star. You're reviewing: SMK XS501 Rabbit Destroyer .177. With a range of break barrel, bolt action, PCP and under lever air rifles for sale, we are sure you will find a model to suit you whatever your budget. When a call came in from Sportsmarketing that a new CO2 model was hitting the market, I was intrigued. Delivering Airguns and Airpistols around the Country! putting in proper seals and de-burring it here and there (my bolt was awful but now it’s slick). SMK Rabbit Destroyer Andys Airgun Reviews / 333 Views / 31-03-2018 March 31st 2018 SMK Rabbit Destroyer review Thanks to Drapers of Nottingham for supplying the guns to review AAR channels bring you the latest News and Reviews of products in the world of airguns, air rifles, air pistols, accessories and all things Airgun related. £169.95 .22 (5.5MM) 560* FPS APPROX .177 (4.5MM) 750* FPS APPROX TOTAL LENGTH 100.5CM / 39.9'' BARREL LENGTH.. SMK XS79. Length (barrel) 22". I also find though 50 shots and the V figure falls off dramatically. The 501 is not a toy and can cause serious injury or death if handled incorrectly. Bagnall and Kirkwood Airgun Spares Online store for all your spares airgun needs. what are all microsoft office programs free office software for mac os x 2020 software development trends kundli software astrology 2020 horoscope survey pro office software need loan to software i need loan, save software list . so we had a look at the co2 rifle from SMK the XT501 laso known as the rabbit destroyer Facebook : Essex airguns / Essex Airgun crew Instagram : @essexairguns Information about SMK Air Rifles. This CO2 powered rifle is available in .22 & .177. March 31st 2018 SMK Rabbit Destroyer review Thanks to Drapers of Nottingham for supplying the guns to review AAR channels bring you the latest News and Reviews of products in the world of airguns, air rifles, air pistols, accessories and all things Airgun related. The Crosman 2260 Rabbit Stopper is an iconic air rifle with beautiful American Craftsmanship and high power to take down any large vermin. I managed to get the plastic cap off and check this, but it then locked on solidly, so removal was difficult. Trigger Two stage. Let us know how you get on. Specific features include adjustable fibre-optic sights, auto safety, … No remuneration is received for the production of these videos. It’s important to use this, since the front plastic section actually has a reverse thread. The cocking bolt is heavy for kids but, it`s not a kid`s gun anyway. Pigeon Paradise #5 Fur + Feathers (Extended Version). SMK XS501RD XS501 Rabbit Destroyer Co2 Air Rifle. A full-length, slightly beefed up forend and comfortable pistol grip all add to the overall package, whilst that overly hard pad is basic but functional. Out of stock. Search, buy and sell Air Rifles on GunStar today! This single shot rifle is powered by CO2 and delivers velocities up to 600 FPS. Velocity towards the end dropped by approximately 20fps each shot, but best practise would see a thorough test of a particular rifle at the start, and then work with the figures achieved – if you know you normally get 30 shots that are consistent, then stick to that number before looking to gas up. Having seen the fore-sight assembly mind you, other than the fact that it’s curiously marked ‘XT501’, I’ve no reason to believe that the fully adjustable fibre optic rear sight won’t be perfectly up to the job. Copyright © 2021 Aceville Magazines Ltd.Registration number: 04169559 | Registered Office Address: 185 Fleet Street, London, England, EC4A 2HS. The gun is a single-shot, bolt-action rifle and is powered by two 12g CO2 capsules and the rifle tips the scales at a seriously light 2.4 kilos. However as it is my first ever air rifle ( I am 74 and need to get rid of some pests) the guy from the gun shop where I bought it ran through the CO2 loading procedures with me and gave me some free targets also some CO2 cartridges. When a call came in from Sportsmarketing that a new CO2 model was hitting the market, I was intrigued. The loading channel is rather cramped it has to be said, but adopt a ‘roll across from the right-hand side’ routine, and it soon becomes second nature. may be SMK XS 501 Front End in Stainless Steel complete Front body and Heavy Duty O ring. Hi, what are the best sights for this rifle? Browse SMK - Sportsmarketing CO2 Air Rifles for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK’s #1 gun marketplace. What should be simple is a bit fiddly and a dummy run with no CO2 loaded is a good idea, to get familiar. Quality *Let us know your thoughts *Summary of Your Review *What's your nickname? The Heritage 2260 features a handsome American hardwood stock and brass bolt. Crosman 2260 Rabbit Stopper - .22 CO2 Air Rifle. The rifle offers a good combination of a powerful air rifle suitable for target shooting or rodent control with tradtional features of a bolt action and a nicely finished wood stock. I agree with nearly all the comments except- I use a lead plain domed pellet. fairly good accuracy with open sights but much better with a scope fitted. CO2 power has a large following in the UK, and there are benefits over conventional air systems. That front cap needs to be carefully unscrewed ideally via the ribbed metal ring, which is the wider section of the assembly. Just bought one of these. Once home, rifle unpacked, target stapled to the fence I proceeded to set up the sights ,( I'm a lefty although I write with my right hand ) perhaps this was the reason it took quite some time to set them up. Add to Bag. The Production team consists of Andy, Rebecca, Karl and Luke. Feels much more substantial than it really is, giving you the impression of a much heavier gauge rifle. How do you rate this product? Submit Review. Handling and performance overall was immensely satisfying, enhanced undoubtedly by quite the sweetest trigger for this grade of gun – wellshaped, slightly creepy, but fairly predictable nonetheless. Hi could someone tell me the difference between smk xs501 and the smk xt501 as on box says smk xs501 but xt501 on gun ? CONTACT: Sportsmarketing 01206 795 333. office software purchase short note on office software office software free for windows 10 online rychle pujcky nove rychle pujcky, out of office program a program design definition ;freesat v8 software download 2020 . .22 calibre not 177 as title. CO2 is directly affected by temperature. Action Bolt Type. Practically recoil free shooting. * 1 1 star. Quantity: More than 10 available / 84 sold / See Feedback. (177) I guess the only way you can really see if there is a problem is to go to the shop where you bought the rifle and ask to compare your rifle with the action of another XS 501. Cash Back Points Earned: points. The review is somewhat mis-leading. Never got on with the Black SMK pellets-except for coating the barrel with graphite-5 pellets do it. The plastic cap on the end of the gas chamber is to expel an unused gas before you change cartridges ( which is very easy to do). Sportsmarketing (SMK) had sent this model through with one of their own branded 3-9x40 AO scopes, which meant they had removed the fibre optic rear sight from its rails, and failed to include it for inspection. Does anyone know where I could pick up a lewft handed CO2 rifle? Theme Music and all Music used in the AAR videos are produced by AAR using non-copyright music loops from Apple Garage Band and are supplied by Apple on a royalty free basis for all to use https://6040c1ecb3ba58fb545282cfae168f49-gdprlock/andysairgunreview Follow the Team on Social Media https://www.2343ec78a04c6ea9d80806345d31fd78-gdprlock/andyairgunre... https://www.2343ec78a04c6ea9d80806345d31fd78-gdprlock/drapersairguns https://www.2343ec78a04c6ea9d80806345d31fd78-gdprlock/officialfire... https://www.8dc6460bbbb088757ed67ed8fb316b1b-gdprlock/andysairgun... 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As velocity is heard to drop near the end of the charge, just cock the hammer and keep firing the mechanism until all residual gas is expended. This CO2 powered air rifle is available in either .22. Other than that and at the price i paid (£100 basic rifle). £169.95. I have just purchased one of these. £170.00 SMK XS501 Rabbit Destroyer CO2 RIFLE Available in .177 & .22The SMK XS501 Rabbit Destroyer is CO.. SMK XS78. Of course, if you have a few hundred more to spare, there are much nicer guns but if you don’t or can justify it, these, or the more customisable 78’s, are well worth a look. SMK focus on providing excellent products at affordable prices, and recently joined with Remington LLC to become part of the world’s biggest gun company. With it only weighing 2.4kg this really is a light air gun. Accept that fact, and the medium has much to offer. 5 5 star. (Umarex smooth domed). First things first though, and at this stage it makes sense to labour a general point regarding this specific power source. Shot count with the XS501 is specified by the manufacturers as between 50- 60, when the rifle is used between 16-27 degrees C. As already mentioned, fluctuating temperatures affect CO2 as a power source, but obviously as the on-board CO2 slowly gets used up, velocity and power will drop. is the largest shooting resource and review based website, using the resources of Britain's biggest and most comprehensive magazines - Gun Mart, Shooting Sports and What Gun. They just roll straight in. read all instructions and warnings carefully in this manual before using this c02 air rifle important warning: this is not a toy. 3 3 star. misuse or careless use may cause or result in serious injury or death. The SMK XS-78 is one of the most popular air rifles with our customers. PRICE: £149.95 It just feels right in the hand, and with a pleasant bolt action, and very civilised trigger for this type of rifle, some highly creditable results are fairly easy to come by. 30mm groups at 25 yards. Having now had a few weeks to play with the XS501, as it’s called, I can report that I rather like it! SMK Rabbit Destroyer .22 C02. sporter Stock Hardwood. C/W 4X40 TELESCOPIC SIGHT. The two bulbs should then be lying back to back, so that closing the front cap forces each end to be pierced, releasing the CO2 into the chamber. If you only want to shoot a … I really liked the XS501, and with its modest weight and easy handling fun shooting beckons for all – for a bargain asking price at that! Fax 01206 792679. With sights sorted, I just needed to get some power on board. It’s important to note that when pushing that front cap assembly into place the thick ‘o’-ring needs to be firmly and quickly pushed into the neck of the chamber, then the threaded metal cap pushed down and screwed into place. As for accuracy, I was really impressed. CODE: Tweet; Description; Available To Order Phone For Price. This wouldn't be so much of a … The cocking bolt has to set the trigger mechanism and cock the hammer against spring tension, so there will be effort involved. I used my first 40 shots hitting beer bottle tops at 25 yards and never missed once. My other rifles are Lee Enfield .303, Moisin Nagant sniper, Mauser 8mm, Springfield M1903, Remington 700 sniper and many air rifles, BSA, Relum etc. Likewise, cold temperature equals fewer shots per CO2 bulb. Below are all the links I can recommend for finding out more about the items shown in the video. RABBIT DESTROYER. You’re now ready to go. Oh yes the fibre optic sights- I find them excellent although am fitting a red dot sight.- I honestly think a scope makes it top heavy. SMK XS 501 Co2 Air Rifle IMPORTANT Additional INFORMATION by Terry. I bought a 501 for my daughter we find it hard to pull the cocking lever back is this a fault on my rifle or are they ment to be stiff , overall though its a great little rifle shes had hours of fun at the range but tires at cocking it . Also what are the problems if any in installing the co2 capsols, this will be my first co2 gun as I use springers, any info would be appreciated, this my first post for sometime, so I should have introduced myself first, I go under the name of McLean. I had been planning on getting an SMK CR600W in .22, but when the shop tested this out for me it averaged less than 7.5ft/lbs. This all compared favourably with the manufacturer’s claim of 30mm, although over what range, those pesky instructions failed to mention! You're reviewing: SMK XS501 Rabbit Destroyer .177. The power is amazing and the accuracy is spot on. The bolt action is positive and solid. The SMK XS501 Rabbit Destroyer is CO2 rifle that is an action bolt rifle. I fitted a 3-9x40 scope with medium mounts and still found it easy to load a pellet. 5 5 star. how to download microsoft office software office suite for mac price uabb4bap$dista2ed virtual dj 2020 software free download how many software design patterns are there . Looks are of a small calibre hunting rifle, with that fully extended forend, and side bolt a… SMK XS501 Rabbit Destroyer. SMK XS 501.22 Rabbit/Rat Destroyer This is the latest CO2 rifle and are superbly designed for target/plinking and vermin control. office software free download for windows 7 how software engineering is different from hardware engineering office software alternatives , microsoft office suite for mac price . Without handling the gun it's obviously impossible to comment but it shouldn't be too hard to cock the action. Where a conventional spring piston model needs a relatively heavy mainspring and piston inside, to generate power, no such cumbersome guts are required for CO2, and the result is often lighter, more manageable products; easily handled by all. Comes with the new automatic safety catch, hardwood stock, two stage trigger and fibre optic open sights. Velocity on test using Sportsmarketing’s own Black BS55 Domed pellets in .22 calibre showed a very acceptable total spread of 31fps over the first 38 shots. drapers airgun centre ltd 124-128 … With power in place, pull that chunky bolt up and to the rear, until the hammer and trigger are heard to engage. I found the loading very easy with my big fingers. Pownalls is a long standing family business, established in 1900, specialising in fishing tackle, airguns, soft airguns, rifles, pistols, archery equipment and a wide range of accessories to match. Hi, have just purchased a SMK XS501 as stated the instructions for this air rifle leave a lot to be desired, you need a magnifying glass to read the parts list! Pownalls Airgun and Airsoft Specialists! Is it possible to remove the front sight block and fit a moderator? Also fitted with a rubber recoil pad for shoulder cushioning. This rifle packs one heck of a punch. PLEASE NOTE IMPORTANT All silencers Ordered Separately will incur a £14.99 delivery charge as they will have to be delivered Personally by our own Drivers, it is illegal to send them through the post. Telephone 01206 795333. also includes the relief valve and grub screw, and Spring, and spring retainer. With the valve cap assembly removed, two 12g CO2 bulbs need to be dropped into the expansion chamber, as per the photo; the first one thin neck first, then the follow up bulb rounded bottom first. As for the action, the large 22 inch barrel comes chemically blued to a reasonable standard. Just ordered a rabbit destroyer in .22 , how do you attach a sling to this rifle. .. A big part of the attraction comes with the fact that the power itself is contained within the CO2 bulbs, so designers have more flexibility. SMKs latest CO2 Air rifle the XS501 also named the Rabbit Destroyer! It’s probably best suited to those who don’t mind a spot of DIY, e.g. Quality *Let us know your thoughts *Summary of Your Review *What's your nickname? 4 x CO2 Cap Valve O Ring Seals for SMK XT501 / Rabbit Destroyer Air Rifle. Firstly, that front valve cap needs to be unscrewed, to allow for the CO2 bulbs to be inserted into the main expansion chamber, and this whole area deserves a little explanationsomething sadly remiss from the rather incomplete, curiously worded instructions! We hope you enjoy the Videos and channels, please always shoot safely and within the Laws relating to your country, and please ensure you are respectful of the Law and others at all times. Having now had a few weeks to play with the XS501, as it’s called, I can report that I rather like it! what drawing program does khan academy use radeon software adrenalin 2020 fps counter 2020 software summer intern amd radeon software adrenalin 2020 indir ! Quantity: 1. SMK Multi Fit Silencer - Push On 14.3mm to 16mm. First impressions are very favourable indeed, and picking up this new model reveals a modestly weighted, wellbalanced rifle, that holds much appeal. 4 4 star. I also find the pellet loading system a bit fiddly and have to watch that I dont load one back to front. The stock has a crafted sleek look fore-end which gives a comfortable position when taking your shot. As mentioned, the looks are very compact hunter and the beech sporter stock is both well-shaped and handsomely finished. Please note that this rifle can only be sold in store to the purchaser who must be over 18 and present identification, not available by mail order. SMK .22 Rabbit Destroyer CO2 Air Rifle (R/H) - S/H Trade seller - Advertised for 21 days until 16/08/2017 for £160. Then roll a pellet into the loading channel, and push the bolt forwards and down to lock in position. This comes courtesy of two 12g CO2 bulbs, and the process is a little fiddly. Another excellent addition to SMK's CO2 range, the XS501 or "Rabbit Destroyer" as it is also known is a single shot bolt action rifle that gives the shooter a light weight and recoil-less shooting platform suitable for all airgunning scenarios. smk black out The Blackout rifle is a CO2 rifle which gets its energy from two 12g capsules which slide into the chamber under the barrel. Acheter Cialis 10 Mg Ligne Cialis Pas Cher Forum Forum Viagra Alcool viagra Acheter Orlistat Lasix Generic Drug. 2 2 star. Specification includes a beech sporter stock, single shot recoilless action, automatic safety catch, fibre optic open sights, two-stage trigger, and a 22 inch rifled barrel. All in all a decent rifle at a decent price. The whole operation needs to be completed smoothly and quickly so as to achieve an efficient seal, containing the CO2 as it rapidly turns to a gas form. High powered at up to 11ft/lb in either.177 or.22 twin CO2 bolt action. SMK need to refine or upgrade the cylinder end cap assembly, and some half decent instructions wouldn’t go amiss, but otherwise, I can’t fail to recommend one of the nicest CO2 newcomers in a long while. Bolt cocking really heavy for youngster, long travel trigger, dialing out excessive travel negates the auto safety, breech channel not really long enough to load without sometimes the pellet try to enter the barrel backwards, having worked on both its predecessor the XB78 is a better, stronger made gun. Having said all that the gun its self is, to my mind comfortable to use despite a little difficulty getting the pellet into the breech. Submit Review. The trigger blade itself is metal however. It’s a good solid gun that packs a punch for not a lot of money. Description BEST Fittings – SMK Artemis PP700S-A Dedicated Silencer/Moderator Adaptor – 1/2″UNF Male. drapers airgun centre ltd 124-128 … @smk smk xs78c02 .22(5.5mm) calibre double charged c02 xs78c02 . SMK XT501 'Rabbit Destroyer' CO2 Air Rifle. 2 2 star. Details about 4 x CO2 Cap Valve O Ring Seals for SMK XT501 / Rabbit Destroyer Air Rifle. Product Details. sturdy gun in complete reasonable condition… £99 US$135/€110 SMK.177 Mod 12 Break Barrel - Spring Air Rifle (R/H) - … L R Nash (SMK) Ltd trading as Sportsmarketing SMK Commerce Way Whitehall Road Industrial Estate Colchester Essex CO2 8HH Map. Terminating with a 1/2″ 20 UNF Male Thread, this adaptor allows the use of any silencer or bespoke muzzle brake with 1/2″ 20 UNF Female Thread (Standard … * 1 1 star. The first gun as new had a air leak,after a couple of days.Took it back to the shop where l purchased it.I had a replacement gun,and that leaked air.l would l would not recommend this gun to anyone. The breech block gets treated to a matt black finish, which contrasts well with the plastic trigger guard. Company registration number: 10304462 Registered in England and Wales VAT registration number: 250 982103 Errors and Omissions Excepted It took 5 pellets to zero it in - 2 at 10 yards, then 3 at 25 yards. Looks are of a small calibre hunting rifle, with that fully extended forend, and side bolt action, and the visuals get everything off to a great start. Filter. If you can unscrew the plastic section, then make sure that the plastic ‘screw bolt’ underneath is backed off to allow for the valving to work correctly. SMK XT501 Rabbit Destroyer Contact us for a price. Any advice much needed. First impressions are very favourable indeed, and picking up this new model reveals a modestly weighted, wellbalanced rifle, that holds much appeal. Consequently this lead me to having to change to new cartridges, as in the review, and as it was my first attempt I found the procedure fiddly, and managed to lose the gas from the recharge. SKU 01143. - the BEST hunting pellet on the market, Airgun Ground Squirrel Hunting! Length (total) 40". Andy is the Host and a hobby Air gunner and video maker and produces the AAR channels during his spare time. How do you rate this product? Model: QB78 Deluxe / XS78 / XS79 Manufacturer: SMK / SMK / SMK Type: Single shot/bolt action / Same / Same Calibre:.22 only / .177 or .22 / .177 or .22 Weight: 5.75lbs / 5.28lbs / 5.28lbs Overall Length: 40inches / 40inches / 40inches Barrel Length: 21.5inches / 21.5inches / 21.5inches Stock: Beech sporter / Same / Same Power Source: 2x 12g co2 capsule / Same / 88g cylinder For a rough guide, my tests clocked energy of 9.9ft/lbs for the first 38 shots, dropping to 7ft/lbs over 50 shots. Attractive grain pattern shows through the clear lacquer, and whilst the butt is rather straight line plain, it suits the streamlined feel of this rifle. Item information. The Stock of this air gun is hardwood with the length it being 40 inches with the barrel being 22 inches. Hi Paul. CO2 powered single shot. The colder the conditions, then the lower the likely power output. SMK XT501 Rabbit Destroyer This CO2 powered air rifle is available in either.177 or.22 caliber. Prepare for frozen fingers if the seal isn’t good! I recently purchased the SMK XS501 also called the Rabbit Destroyer from my local RFD. From a rest, I managed ¾ inch groups over 25 yards with the Black Domes, against 7/8 inch with JSBs. This is a single shot bolt-action rifle powered by one or two 12-gram Co2 bottles. Condition: New. An automatic safety catch sits to the right hand side, and slightly high of the trigger, but its positioning makes it very easy to pull rearwards, effectively disengaging the mechanism just before a shot is taken. 4 4 star. works well, powerful enough for pest control, rabbits, pigeons or just back garden plinking. If all functions correctly, then this shouldn’t be necessary in any case. From o ring seal kits to spare washers and springs we have everything you require for your air rifle or pistol.

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